How To Maintain The Health Of A Pregnancy So Secure In Doing A Trip

How To Maintain The Health Of A Pregnancy So Secure In Doing A Trip - A good travel vacation or tour or with a particular purpose is a fun activity, let alone a vacation with the whole family and is a regular activity for most families to build harmonization of the family. Normally an activity holiday, whether travelling locally or overseas will be done by land, sea and air, which depends on the needs of families and the distance will be targeted. However, whether this can also be done by women who are pregnant, naturally the question, whether secure remote travel activities for pregnant women?

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How To Maintain The Health Of A Pregnancy So Secure In Doing A Trip, Are As Follows:

Answer the questions above, or whether it is safe for pregnant women in the activities of travelling far is from ourselves, it certainly is a different condition of pregnant women i.e. more extras in keeping her pregnancy, but not close the chances of pregnant women do travel. Here are some ways of keeping my pregnancy when I travel far.

# See Pregnancy

It is very important for us to pay attention to health while traveling especially with mileage distances and spend countless hours, with some of the problems of women who are pregnant often occur such as nausea and vomiting, backache and stomach cramps, so for that we should pay attention to the age of pregnancy prior to travel far, the best way we can do that is in the second trimester is the right time for us to travel during pregnancy, the period of the second trimester of pregnancy has been spared from nausea and vomiting. At the time of the third trimester has entered to travel far during pregnancy should less than 32 weeks, this is to reduce the risk of contract ions on the road. Some cases of pregnant women who were to travel long distances will experience some problems so it is recommended to use private vehicles so that we can stop for a moment to rest a few minutes in order to avoid unwanted things.

# Checked The Health Of The Pregnancy

In the travel away women who are pregnant should further mepertimbangkan the health of the pregnancy, it is very important to consider given the long trip will spend more time compared with only local travel, for pregnant women who have a high risk of pregnancy in such a history of high blood pressure, diabetes or other disorders are not allowed to travel far or spend more time travel make us tired of the long journey, if indeed we should do should consult a obstetrician and continue to communicate if there are problems in travel.

# Consideration Of Transportation Options

There are three types of transport that can be used when the use of air transport, sea transport, and land transport. In this case the returned to our purpose in traveling, for women who are pregnant should choose a convenient transportation to reduce the problems that will occur. 

How To Maintain The Health Of A Pregnancy So Secure In Doing A Trip

1.   Using Air Transport 

Use this in air transportation to travel long distances very recommended for pregnant women, because it can reduce travel time we compared to other transportation, air transportation is then categorized the safe thing to do. In addition we do not need to worry about radiation x ray machine because it will not interfere with the health of the fetus. Walalupun this secure transport done yet imaginary risk on pregnant women i.e. a venous thrombosis of the deep will double, in which case we should pay attention to some things like sitting position preferably near the toilet to make us easier If urinary habits during pregnancy increases, should provide the anti nausea when traveling using this air transportation that is by recommendation of a physician, on pregnant women traveling by air transport should use the stockings to improve blood circulation, before traveling by air transport should warm-up walk in around the waiting room to avoid the occurrence of cramps and also avoid foods containing gas because it can enhance nausea and vomiting.

2.   Using Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is frequently used vehicles even though very tiring yet congestion can occur during our journey. On the conditions of the pregnant woman must prepare everything well in advance of special drugs for pregnant women, and others, use seat belts to avoid unwanted clash, should we search for information first some health centers that may be we can meet during the journey, and find comfortable seating and spacious enough to straighten and bend the legs to avoid cramps during travel.

3.   Using Sea Transport

In the travel using this sea transport for pregnant women should be more careful because of the condition of the seasickness often occurs, so that the risk will be doubled for pregnant women, should consult first with the doctor to get the required drug information, choosing the right time to minimize the possibility of an excess of drug users, and we can also consume some healthy foods and beverages to support travel by using the marine transportation. 

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