About Business And Marketing Aspects Of Agricultural In Red Chili

About Business And Marketing Aspects Of Agricultural In Red Chili - Agricultural aspect is indeed a vital sector in the growth of the economy of a country, in most Countries its many societies rely on the agricultural sector is either directly or indirectly. In fact its agricultural output is indeed very in influence by many things, one of his Government's policy that may affect the price level and the growth of the agricultural.

Red chili is one of the results of a very promising horticultural farms, many investors judge the red chili has the highest price and the time of harvest which is quite short, so that the farmer or investor able to restore capital fast and benefit quickly anyway. Chili plants can indeed in not to be in some kind of, among others, the great chili or red chili, chili or cayenne pepper, and chili. Among the types of red pepper that is in general much in production and developed a widely marketed to.

About Business And Marketing Aspects Of Agricultural In Red Chili

Other types of commodities in his vegetables, red chili pepper which has an area of highest harvest because with many of his demand in the market, red chilli also has a fairly high price compared with the price of his other vegetables.

Overview Of Business And Marketing Aspects Of Agricultural Businesses In Red Chili:

#.  Capsicum In View Of The Side Of His Business Opportunity.

Red chili is the result of a very potential for agriculture developed when viewed from its potential market, but in fact his many farmers this chili does not benefit from the expected results, not even a little bit of chili farmers Red suffered losses. This is because the risks in dealing with the farmers, such as red pepper prices fluctuating because of the influence of market demand and supply that occurred.

Outline the main problems of the farmers with the existence of such price fluctuations especially during harvest, but many factors are actually affecting it, including less widely marketing system and the existence of a policy on remove the Government participates to affect price fluctuations this red chilli. In the time of harvest of red pepper price is down, then the farmer must keep selling his harvest, this is because the harvest of chili would be broken when stored in a storage shed.

Problems like the above happen often at farmers, for it before we start a business it red chili crop need for effort management must determine where agriculture will be at the time of harvest in order to get a stable price red pepper marketing aspects, this should really be in the estimate, if not then we will experience these problems.

But don't worry, if we want to start a business agriculture this red chilli, red chilli is actually when we though processed and marketed again, then we'll get a stable price and profit promises, various the processed results of red chili has indeed much in the market, for example processed fruit red chili pepper, flour is oleoresin, extract, food coloring, chilli sambal or chili sauce, candied, pickled chili cans, and another as his, processed chilli that certainly can survive long enough to save.

Once we know the problems in the face for this red chili, of course we must prepare with mature about the business plan, both in terms of production, budget costs, processing, red chili, and the main aspect of marketing. With the management of the venture we can get results like we would expect and certainly with the main purpose of seeking to profit from the results of the production.

#.  Characteristics Of Agricultural Terms Red Chili 

Red pepper is growing plants with woody stems, branched, height of plants can reach 120 cm in diameter and has a wide range of plant 90 cm. chili Plants have taproot which consists of primary roots and lateral roots pulled out fibers and able to penetrate into the soil to a depth of 50 cm wide and 45 cm.

Based on the level of kepedasannya, chili plants in for the four groups, with the level of spiciness balanced very spicy capsaicin 40-100 in use as extract oleoresin, medium spiciness level contain capsaicin 20-40 in use as an ingredient of mixed spice, with a level of spiciness have less 0-20 the capsaicin content in use as chili powder, and chili peppers are not spicy capsaicin content of 0 are in use as a seasoning and colouring agent.

In General crop planting can chili on plain with an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, red chili pepper plants adapt to the temperature conditions at both 24 -27 degrees Celsius with humidity is not too high, the in use usually rice fields or moor that the loose, fertile, not too tough and have enough water, with the ideal surface with a slope of 0-10 degrees and requires full sunlight.

Thus can we know that Capsicum is using a pretty watering and require the Sun completely, so this fit red chili farming is done on a flat land and has open space.

#.  Aspects Of Agricultural Marketing Red Chili

Ahead of the big day of the religious community to some of the requests are usually Staples include red pepper tend to increase, by looking at the condition of this coordination has done his usual production planning with the goal of keeping a supply of red chilli be available at all times in the market so that prices remain stable. Lots of factors that affect the supply and price, including the amount of production that is usually specified with harvest and climate conditions, as well as the smooth transportation influenced the issue of supply and the price of the red chilli.

On the basis of market demand, the price of red pepper is highest at the end of the year, or a range in October up to December, while the price drop occurs due to the abundance of red pepper availability on the market, this is because the red chilli farmers harvesting at the end of the year focus on simultaneously (MAST). The following are some of the factors that influenced the increase in the price of red chili, is as follows:

1.  Increase In Cost Of Goods Production

The price of Red Chillies will increase in the cost of production rising prices as a means of production of fertilizer, pesticides, labor and others as his. With the increase in the price of chili will increase in the production costs to issued.

2.  Harvest Delays Due To Climatic Conditions

Weather conditions will greatly influence the success of red chili pepper farming, with its high rainfall conditions, then it will cause the yield decreases or foul, there are even some cases because of the high rainfall can cause failed the problem with the harvest, then the supply of chili in the market will plummet and prices of chili will increase.

3.  Growing Demand For Red Chili On An Industrial Scale

With the growing demand for the supply of red chili peppers on an industrial scale as the making of chili sauce, hot pepper extracts and others as his, it will increase the price of red chillies on the market, this is because the farmers prefer to sell their crops at industry with stable prices while supply of chili on the market are reduced, this will cause an increase in the price of chillies in the market.

4.  The Existence Of a Price Agreement Between Farmers And Industry

With the deal in the wake of price between farmers and industry will affect the price level in the market, when the market price lower then the farmers prefer to sell their harvest to the industry, so the market price at least following the agreement between the farmers and the industry in order to supply the chilies in the market stay awake.

Thus the information on the business opportunities and marketing aspects in this red pepper farms, as we know that the red pepper farms is indeed very promising when we have a good business management and get the right marketing aspects, so we were able to get the results of production and profits in accordance with our expectations. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.