How To Get A Plant Grafting Plant Seed Quality

How To Get A Plant Grafting Plant Seed Quality - To get a plant seed indeed many ways in use by most people, among others, by grafting, from seeds, and so on. Techniques of grafting has been known since it used to be, even on a propagation which say the world's oldest. But that happened the result often disappoint, this failure can be seen from parts of the plant above the incision is dry or dead, to avoid this we need to update the way the grafting with serious attention, patient and meticulous.

Reasons to use this way of grafting due consideration in the new plant is expected to have the same properties as its parent. These include the breeding properties of resistance to pests and diseases, a delicious fruit flavours, the beauty of the flowers in the produce, etc., because the results of grafting plants can be said to be a hundred percent had the same properties with its parent.

How To Get A Plant Grafting Plant Seed Quality

Indeed not all type of plants we can do this, his usual grafting plant has fruits such as mango, guava, water etc or ornamental plants such as cherry blossoms, Cypress and other trees that have his.

#.  The Advantage Of Grafting Plants

One of the main advantages that we get in the grafts of this plant is to have its properties both in terms of fruit, resistance to disease and so on, in addition to plant seed grafting results if later we sow on the surface of the ground water high then it will grow well because of his general result grafts have shallow rooting. Another advantage is the result of faster grafts plants produce fruit in a relatively short time

#.  Using The Technique Of Grafting Plant Deficiency

In this graft method has some drawbacks, one is the method of graft cannot be done, because the number of branches that can be in his limited amount of grafting a tree, when in one tree in grafting in large amounts, then the parent tree canopies form will be messy and fruit production will be reduced because of its good quality already many in pieces.

Method of producing seedlings plants by grafting it to the risk of death on a limb grafts are usually high or low its success rate. When the results of the grafts in planting on soil moisture content of his low seeds plants often experience death because it is difficult to adjust to the rooting in short have the plant seed, and the workmanship on the need grafting this plant long enough compared to other methods.

#.  Types Of Grafts Plants

Grafting plants with the goal of producing exactly the same plant seed with its mother at his public not to into two types, namely grafts sayat and grafts his understanding as for spilling is as follows.

1.  The Graft Incisions

In this method the graft incisions is the way skin grafting with wrenching branch, this method on his frequent public use of most people in generating plant seed. Equipment that is in use should not use modern equipment, one of his knives sharp green to produce a smooth incisions, clean, neat and do not need to repeat a couple of times incisions. The next tool is a pair of scissors to trim the branches twigs leaves his excessive amount.

Grafting media used an awful lot of kinds, depending on the availability of media that we can take advantage of. Grafting media serves to grow its roots later on, among others, can be a mos that is the root of epiphyte fern nest, powder coir, manure, compost, and other. Avoid using raw land because when the mongering will harden and also heavy, so it can break a limb that grafts.

Cover of the media as well as many kinds of that we can use like Palm fiber, coir, fragments of cloth, plastic pots, cans, bamboo tube, or a more practical and much in use is a clear plastic to wrap it, in addition to easy in may pastik nodes can withstand boiling water, and we could see the development of roots growing from the branches we graft.

Prior to grafting with this method in order to produce a quality crop breeds, there are several requirements to select the parent tree, among others, the parent tree age not too young nor too old, a parent tree will be in grafts already produce fruit or flowers in order to be in the know the results of the crop production, the parent tree should be strong and fertile as well as not being on the attack by pests and diseases, and the main stem of the tree should have to have a lot of branches to avoid decline the quality of the parent tree production.

In addition to the parent tree that has had enough of these requirements, then we can choose the right trees to make the place of grafting. A good branch for grafting is the size of his not too large, select the branch size pinkie to produce a good cutting, specify a branch of light brown and her skin looks smooth because on this branch will be more fast growing roots, long tree branches a good range of 30 cm for easier in forms, in addition to that we should keep the humidity grafts so that trees do not die easily.

As for how this incision method with grafting is to do incisions in the circular on a branch with a width of 3-10 cm depending on the type of plants that will be in the graft, the larger the plant in grafting the wide incision also performed, subsequent skin of trees which in sayat in lifting up his kambium look. then the kambium in kerik slowly so as not to hurt the wood, if the wood until the injured will damage the xilem which serves the water and nutrient transport to all parts of the plant, due to its tree branches will experience drought and grafting process will fail. Once the process is finished then at sayat let stand for in anginkan with takes 2-4 days, then wrap the incision with the media we have prepared such as mos, coir, powder and so on with in the mix the compost or manure, next wrap clear plastic with which we already prepare.

2.  Side Grafting

A method of grafting side were generally in use on the branch of a large plant, with the media to prepare more or less equals method the sayat grafts. Ways of grafting with this method is the branch that has been wrenching in select up to half of a circle, and then on the side toward the top of about 15-20 cm long depending on her big branches in select. After in December 1937 and on sayat in let it dry or until the resin is not out yet.

After a tree branch that looks dry and do not remove the gum again, then gave the hormone to grow roots by way of greasing on the part that will grow roots. Next wrap the hemisphere with the media we have prepare and tie the bundle in a solid and strong, and keep the humidity at a branch in do this side grafting in order not to die.

Graft this side very rarely done by most people, it is caused because of its low success rate when compared with the method of graft incisions. However the advantage that we can get on this side the grafting method is when grafts already so we can directly cut and keep him in place of seedbed without having to move first into polybag, baskets, and other.

Thus the information How to get a Plant Grafting Seedlings of quality Plants, as we know by doing the grafting on this plant then we will get fully the nature of the plant that will be grafting, in addition the reasons the durability of the plant that most people consider in making with plant seed grafting. The method itself has two types of grafting which is the incision method and the method of dividing, but which is in use by most people is a method of grafting the incision, it is because of its higher success rate compared with the method of graft halve. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.