Information And Ascents Of Mount Everest's Camp Which Is The Summit Of The Highest Mountain In The World

Information And Ascents Of Mount Everest's Camp Which Is The Summit Of The Highest Mountain In The World - The first person who claimed the Summit of Everest as the highest peak through the calculation of the trigonometrik in 1852 is measuring and math expert Interpreter of Bengal. This calculation is done using a theodolite from a distance of 150 miles away in India. Most people of India believe that the Summit should be named according to Sikdar, not Everest. This mountain has an altitude of about 8,850 m, although there are variations in terms of size  "good Government of Nepal as well as China has yet to officially ratify this size, the height of Everest's Summit is still considered to be 8,848 m by their ". Mount Everest was first measured in 1856 has a height of 8,839 m, but expressed as 8,840 m or 29,002 feet. An additional 0.6 m or equal to 2 feet that shows that at that time the exact height of 29,000 feet shall be regarded as estimates are rounded. Common estimates used in the moment is 8,850 m obtained through Global Positioning System readings (GPS). 

Mount Everest is a mountain peak reaches the furthest distance from sea level. Two other mountains are sometimes also referred to as  "the world's highest mountain" is Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the highest if measured from its base on the bottom middle of the sea, but only reached an elevation of 4,170 m above sea level and mount Chimborazo in Ecuador 2,150 m peak, which is higher than the center of the Earth than Mount Everest, because of the Earth's equatorial region mengembung. But mount Chimborazo only reached an altitude of 6,272 m above sea level, so it is not the highest peak in the Andes.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world that is standing 8,848 m was to be one of the dreams of the traveler whose hobbies included hiking or extreme sports. Like what it's like camping in a place like this and certainly not everyone can be selected to get to this place.

Information And Ascents Of Mount Everest's Camp Which Is The Summit Of The Highest Mountain In The World

Information Camping And Climbing On Mount Everest Which Is The Highest Mountain Peak In The World, Is As Follows.

This extreme sports lovers who will rise to the top of Mount Everest, will pass the four camp from the South side of the mountain that is in the region of Nepal. With different heights, and of course with obstacles to climb up to get to the top of the mountain. The climbers must pass through advance base camp at an altitude of 5,350 m.  "Offered from Everest News "

When the climbers made camp at base camp, they will be given training to adjust to the decreased oxygen, and also train yourself to avoid the ruin of ice. The location of the ruins of the ice at an elevation of 5,334 m to 5,943.6 m. After passing the ruins of ice, the climber arrived at Camp I was at an altitude of 5,943.6 m Journey continued to Camp II with an altitude of 6,500 m. at Camp II there is no signal and Surely we can not communicate with people who were in the Base Camp. But in this situation there are still many ways to give a sign to rescue teams that are in the emergency situation in basecamp in accordance with direction provided during ascent.

Upon leaving Camp II, climbers will see Lohtse which is adjacent to the mountain with an elevation of Mount Everest 8,510 m. when we walked in here, should be more careful, because its steep and very harm when we lose concentration due to fatigue and also her extreme weather. In this place, too many climbers are often lost their lives due to negligence and lack of preparation before making the climb. 

After moving on from Camp II, then the trip continues toward the Camp III where climbers must pass through Lohtse with climbing the wall of ice. In this condition the climbers are required to have specific skills in doing ice climbing wall, surely it takes strength, precision, the exact path of survival and safety equipments also ice climbing wall are preferred, as we camping at Camp III we can met Sherpa, namely native who lived in the mountains of Everest.

Camp IV is at an altitude of 8,000 m when it was up at Camp IV, climbers have already approached to the top. Camp IV is under Lohtse, there the climbers can try camping out in the Death Zone is at an altitude of 7924.8 m is called the zone of Death, because at this altitude the oxygen pressure is thinning and the human body can just can not adapt well due to the extreme weather and altitude. Camp IV was the last encampment on Mount Everest.

After passing the Camp IV then we reached the Summit of Mount Everest with an altitude of 8,848 m at the top of Mount Everest, climbers can unwind a little pampered with panoramic views, feel the quietness and enjoying the beauty of the term  " The Land Above Clouds  ". But we should not be long and should be quick to fall back to Camp IV, this is because the air pressure and oxygen a very thin can be dangerous for the lives of the climbers.

Information And Ascents Of Mount Everest's Camp Which Is The Summit Of The Highest Mountain In The World

So little information regarding the description of climbing Mount Everest, surely we can judge for yourself what it's like when we do a trekking and camping in the highest mountain in the world, prior to climbing and camping This Mount Everest, of course we have to be really prepared well physically, mentally, theory, and also material that is certainly going to need high cost in doing the journey.

Before doing the activity outdoors we should recognize the existence of Environmental Ethics 3 may already we often hear, this code of conduct is called Universal Environmental Ethic, which contents are as follows:
  • Prohibited from taking anything except photos
  • Forbidden to leave any traces except
  • It is prohibited to kill anything except time

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