Online Media Top - Is a website that has been around since 2019, where this website provides information about the latest technological news that is innovative, creative and is a learning medium that is expected to provide benefits to all parties connected to this website. In the presentation of the information provided, it is fully obtained from observation and learning by going through strict filtering to ensure the accuracy of the technology news.

The information that we present on this website will continue to be updated in accordance with the increasingly rapid technological developments to date and do not forget to present the information, of course the author cannot be separated from various errors due to limited capabilities, it is hoped that readers and visitors can provide feedback positive by giving good comments with the aim of improving this website. In this case, we always think positively and will continue to work in supporting the advancement of the world of information technology (IT) in every field related to the information on this website. 

It is hoped that this Top Online Media can make it easier to provide the information needed and can be the best reference for the rapid dissemination of technological information in every part of the world.   

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